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Grateful Patients

Our patients and their families drive our dedication to securing the best health care for our community. Their stories continue to inspire our team members to strive for excellence and make our health care system the best in Maryland.

Yomaris Rivera Sarraga  

“One of the services provided through Cancer LifeNet that really helped me was acupuncture. It helped with my side effects from chemo.  When my surgery, a double mastectomy, was getting close, I experienced a lot of anxiety.  The reality hit me that would be losing a part of my body.

Cancer LifeNet was there for me.

My social worker helped me channel my emotions. She even called me to check on me prior to my surgery. The acupuncture sessions were also tailored to my anxiety prior to surgery. What a blessing it was for me to have their support and to be able to use these services when I needed it the most. When you have cancer, sometimes you feel lost and alone.

Thanks to the Cancer LifeNet program, that was not the case for me. They were there for me and my family since day one. I still have a long way to go in this battle against cancer but the good news is that I am not alone.”

Yomaris Rivera Sarraga
Grateful Patient, Cancer LifeNet program
North East, Maryland


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Cancer Survivor